For years, I've wondered about my place in the world and my relationship with the people in it. As time went on, I came to the realization that, despite how I felt at first, I didn't really want to change the world on a grand scale. Instead, I want to do my best to make a change on a small, but still significant way. I often think to myself, "If I could do one thing to make someone else's day just a little bit better, especially in these times, my job is done." So to that end, I've been dedicating myself towards improving just a little bit day by day, hoping to one day do my small part in the world by brightening someone else's day with my work.


C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Python
Composition, FL Studio 12, Audacity
Video Editing
Sony Vegas

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About Me

Hello! I'm Luis Ventura. I'm currently a junior at Make School, with a background at Cerritos College. Growing up, I was constantly moving from home to home with my family, so I found it difficult to make friends. Eventually, I got a computer, and it became my inspiration, my friend, a teacher, and more, all in one. Ever since, I've always wanted to learn more about how they work and how I can get them to work. Even today, they're still a part of who I am now. I enjoy composing music in my free time, and I stream video games on Twitch for about 4 hours a day when possible.

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